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A small selection of my 'Original Wedding Poetry' is now included on my webpage in response to requests about poetry and verse for casual and relaxed wedding ceremonies.

If you would like to include my poetry in your wedding ceremony then please do so. All I ask is that you acknowledge the poem/s as my original work. You may use the poetry even if you have chosen another Marriage Celebrant for your wedding. (Please see conditions of use below).

Please contact me personally if you'd like to see more of my original wedding poetry

Bush Wedding

In the shelter of Barmah's red gums
on the bank of The Murray they stand
looking with love into each other's eyes
holding each other's hands

Family and friends surround them with love
while The Murray flows gently along
all happy to witness this marriage
with the sweet sounds of Aussie birdsong

The shine of the sun on the wattle
reflects the wedding ring gold
as they pledge their hearts to each other
forever to have and to hold

(c) Nerelie Teese

This Marriage

Under our wide blue southern sky
they met and soon each did know
that their lives would be spent together
their hearts told them this would be so

They took time to learn each other
to know what makes each one unique
the fears, worries, the fun and the future
of this and more they both often did speak

Family and friends would also be gathered
for barbies, for drinks and for fun
seeing friendship and happiness growing
making plans for years yet to come

And this day will join them together
to start a new stage of their life
for this is the day they will marry
and so become husband and wife

We cannot see into their future
but the strength of their love we do see
and with support from all of us with them today
long and happy this marriage will be

(c) Nerelie Teese


This Couple

They've been planning for this wedding
every detail well thought out
she's trim and taut and terrific
just gorgeous of that there's no doubt
and he's come up not too bad himself
sparkling and handsome from top to toe
truly a lovely young couple
as all of here do well know

Vows and promises they will exchange today
and a ring each the other will give
a new life now starts from this moment on
for as long as they both shall live
and this couple will follow life's pathway
and surely their number will grow
they'll become a lovely young family
as all of us here do well know

(c) Nerelie Teese


It's not complicated

This is a simple love they share
in this complicated world
for each other only their hearts do care
this bushie and his girl

They don't want or need a mansion
in this complicated world
a roof, a fence and a garden will do
this bushie and his girl

Their car's not the latest model
in this complicated world
it's safe, it goes, it gets them there
this bushie and his girl

Their door is always open
in this complicated world
come in, sit down and talk a while
with this bushie and his girl

Their tea is hot, their beer is cold
in this complicated world
they really make you welcome
this bushie and his girl

And today they're getting married
in this complicated world
but marriage will be sweet and simple
for this bushie and his girl

For never were two more suited
in this complicated world
than this wonderful couple here today
this bushie and his girl

(c) Nerelie Teese


Nerelie Teese, Marriage Celebrant and Bush Poet.

My bush poetry has been published in Queensland and Victorian newspapers and performed on radio as well as at festivals and special events in Brisbane, Beaudesert, Echuca, Barmah Forest and Darwin. My work has also been read by Macca on Australia All Over on ABC Radio.

I've been asked to compose poems for special occasions, 80th and 90th birthdays, weddings, and other important family and community occasions.

In April 2009, I was thrilled to be awarded the Barmah Forest Yarn Spinning Bush Poet Champion Trophy at the Annual Barmah Muster weekend celebrations.

I've been just as thrilled to have my poetry used for Readings at wedding and baby naming ceremonies in Echuca in 2010. A special thanks to Natalie and Daryl, Fiona and Jarrod, and Sam and Garry and Isla for choosing to include my work in their beautiful ceremonies.

For permission to use any of the poems on this page, or to request new and original poetry for use at your celebration (fees apply) please contact me at

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